Meet Dr. Jen

With three decades in the healing profession, Dr. Jen Wilhelm brings a confident, warm professional presence innate to the care she provides. Her full spectrum approach: from gentle spinal release through CranioSacral technique to the traditional osseous Chiropractic adjustments done with honor and finesse.

Her passion teaching her patients self care:  empowering a renewing healthy relationship with ones body. She has a special training and experience treating sports professionals, pregnancy and pediatrics. Her background as a massage therapist, yoga teacher, athlete and martial artist provides her with a deep understanding and empathic approach to caring for those who work hard and get injured.

She uniquely tunes into the body, gently releasing the chronic tension through the chiropractic adjustment. Through her commitment to cultivate awareness in the areas of life that mean most to be healthy, she shares the possibility for her patients to attain every and all of their health goals & beyond.

After owning and serving in several clinics in the SF Bay and Portland areas, she has decided to focus on her true passion: studying and sharing the healing that has been so openly poured into her thru the kindest touch and generous love of her mentors.